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Haylie's Story


About Haylie

Haylie has been a dog lover since she can remember. Her whole life has revolved around her dogs and animals in general. She attended Middle Georgia State University where she studied Art and Psychology, but chose to pursue her dream in dog training instead.


Her Vision

While Haylie enjoys training pet dogs, particularly puppies, her passion lies in service dog training. 

Her approach with training emphasizes care and compassion to the dog rather than demanding compliance. The relationship between you and your dog is of utmost importance in her training program.


Our dogs.



I couldn’t be more impressed, proud, happy and overjoyed with my experience with Right Direction...Haylie is phenomenal and her passion and joy for what she does is evident! I was beyond happy with the results for Meka, how her confidence and obedience has come such a long way! Thank you so much!

Sara and Meka


Haylie is amazing at what she does, and so incredibly personable. She tailers her training to the dog and the family, and that's so much more than I could have asked for.... I really enjoyed the experience of her training my puppy, who went a little too long without it. The difference was seen almost immediately. 

Kristal and Wall-E

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