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Service dog information

Have you considered getting your own service dog? 

Maybe you're just looking for information about service dogs?

You've come to the right place!

What is a service dog?

What is a service dog?

A service dog is a dog specifically trained to help a person accommodate their disability. 

Service dogs are task trained to help those with disabilities navigate everyday life. 

Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Dogs are NOT SERVICE DOGS.

Can my pet be a service dog?

Sometimes! Most dogs are not cut out to be service dogs, and those that succeed are very few and far between. Typically, service dog training starts as a puppy and continues through adulthood.

How do I get a service dog?

First and most importantly, you have to be impacted by a disability that disrupts your daily function. Not all disabilities require a service dog, and not everyone with a disability needs a service dog.

For more information from the Americans with Disabilities Act, click here.


Looking for service dog training?

Are you or someone you know looking for service dog training?

Contact us!

Our service dog training programs start with a basic obedience board and train program, and continue training with you until the dog is fully task trained and ready to help you mitigate your disability.


Freedom k9 Project

We have partnered with the Freedom K9 Project to help bring service dogs to those individuals who are abuse survivors at no cost!

The Freedom K9 Project is a 501c3 non profit and is made possible like volunteers like us! 

If you would like more information about the Freedom K9 Project or think that you might benefit from a PTSD service dog yourself, click the link below!

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