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Our Toolbox

Here at Right Direction K9 we like to use whatever training method works best for each individual dog. Every dog is different, but we are not here to be hurtful or dominating to any dog. As a positive first dog trainer, we like to work alongside your dog rather than against them. It makes for better communication and a better relationship.



Clickers are an effective tool to tell the dog "hey, I like what you did!" in a fraction of a second. Think of it as a camera button, it captures the moment your dog does something you like so that they know that behavior gets them a reward. Clickers are most effective on puppies, but can be used on most dogs of any age. Clickers are also paired with treats, so it makes learning fun.


Prong Collars

This may look scary, but a prong collar is one of the safest tools for training dogs when used correctly. The prongs are flat on the tip and rounded so they do not injure the dog. When pressure is placed at the end of the collar, it contracts. High quality prong collars like Herm Sprenger are some of the safest and most durable on the market, and help stop problem behaviors like jumping or pulling on the leash almost instantly when properly introduced by a professional. 


Electronic Collars

The electronic collar is one of the best modern dog training tools on the market. Think of it as a virtual leash. The buttons on the remote, when pushed, deliver an electric stimulation (not a shock) similar to that of a TENS unit used in physical therapy. Electronic collars of the past definitely were "shock" collars, however the Educator brand is a high quality unit that does not hurt your dog. The levels range from 0-100 so you have a clear line of communication with your dog. Every dog's number is different and some may be higher than others. When used correctly and introduced properly by a professional this is one of the best tools you can have in your training toolbox.

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