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"But I Don't Want to Crate My Dog"

I get it, crates seem like a horrible punishment similar to how we view jail. It's small, cramped, boring, and just plain 'ole uncomfortable. Well, what if I told you that crate training your dog could be one of the best things for them?

Crate training your dog isn't some cruel punishment space that your dog should be afraid of. If it is, we need to reshape that state of mind for your dog. I should know, I'm guilty of the "I'm mad at my dog, let me throw them in the crate as punishment" mentality.

Your dog's crate needs to be viewed as a safe space, essentially kind of like their own personal little room.

You never know what kind of emergency will happen, and heaven forbid you find yourself in a situation where you or your dog needs to be emergency transported or evacuated. Desensitizing your dog to a crate can be a fun skill that can make your life a LOT easier.

Crate training comes in handy for dogs with anxiety as well!

Some dogs can get overstimulated by activity in the home, and sometimes need to have a place to retreat to in order to recharge their social battery (a lot like people do), crates can help dogs to learn how to self soothe in times where they might be distressed, preventing the potential for severe separation anxiety. For example, if your dog is afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms, having their own little safe space can help them learn how to deal with complicated emotions on their own.

Crating your dog can also be helpful for car rides as well! As a service dog handler, or just someone who likes to take my dogs on trips with me, having dogs confined in a crate while on the road is WAY safer than having your dog loose in the car. If you like to bring your dogs on adventures with you like I do, it's definitely something you need to look into adding to your vehicle. If you do crate your dog while on the road, please do not use wire crates, as this could be catastrophic if there were an accident.

There are SO many benefits to crate training your dog, and it can even help remedy some minor issues like chewing, counter surfing, or jumping up on guests that enter your home. It all boils down to setting your dog up for success in life, and crate training them is a sure fire way to lay down a good foundation for the rest of their life.

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